Rachel Edri
Rachel EdriKan

David Edri, the husband of ‘Rachel from Ofakim’ who was taking hostage with her on October 7th, has passed away.

He left behind his wife Rachel, three children, two of whom are police officers, and three grandchildren.

The couple were locked in their house for several hours with a number of Hamas terrorists who took them hostage. They were rescued when a police force breached the house and killed the terrorists.

The terrorists were in the house for 19 hours, during which Rachel served them cookies, coffee, lunch, and a pineapple, as well as carrying on conversations with them.

At 2:00 a.m., after the involvement of a police hostage negotiating team, the YAMAM (Israel's national counterterrorism unit) breached the house, killed the terrorists, and rescued the couple.

Their son was required to wait outside the house during the hostage rescue operation to prevent his emotional involvement from hampering the operation.