Ori Megidish with the Chief of Staff
Ori Megidish with the Chief of StaffIDF spokesperson

Ori Megidish, an IDF lookout who was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7 and rescued by the IDF 23 days later, will return to military service, as per her request.

The IDF has announced that Megidish will return to service in intelligence, and that her return to military service is of her own personal choice and feeling of mission.

Last week, Megidish told US donors, "I am a believer. I believe in G-d, I know that He exists. When I was kidnapped, I felt that He would save me. I prayed every day, not from a prayer book but from my heart."

She added, "I can't explain it, but I knew that they were coming that day, and I knew that they would not leave me there. I was very emotional when I saw them."

Megidish also said that she wants to return to IDF service - as a response to her kidnapping: "It is very important to me to show them that I am not going to give up. I am strong and I will soon return to the army. Twice a week I go to therapy, and I meet my friends often," she concluded.

In a video clip published by the IDF about two months ago, Megidish said, "Since I was rescued by the IDF and Shin Bet from Hamas captivity, so many things have happened in my life, and in the meantime my friends are still held in Gaza."

"Hamas kidnapped us from the base while some of us were still wearing pajamas. They murdered my best friends and many others."