Terrorists arrested by IDF soldiers in Gaza
Terrorists arrested by IDF soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

Kan 11 News reported on Sunday evening that dozens of Nukhba terrorists who participated in the massacre on October 7 were arrested yesterday in a refugee camp in western Khan Yunis.

According to the report, sixty terrorists were arrested in the military operation, including many who were involved in the imprisonment and captivity of Israeli hostages in the southern Gaza Strip.

The terrorists were taken in for questioning by IDF intelligence and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), provided information on the manner in which the hostages were moved from place to place within the Gaza Strip.

The terrorists even told how they passed hostages who were under their care to other terrorists – and joined the fighting against IDF forces.

After the operation at the Nasser hospital, the IDF forces in the Gaza Strip are focusing mainly on Hamas infrastructure and locating the hostages. The security forces believe that many of the hostages are being held in the Rafah area, together with senior Hamas officials who are hiding there.

Documentation was earlier published of the Egoz unit soldiers operating in the west of Khan Yunis. In one of the encounters they identified two terrorists inside a house that was being used as an improvised combat complex using a drone. The soldiers fired at the terrorists and threw grenades at them. The terrorists were eliminated. The soldiers then raided the compound and conducted a thorough search of the area.

In another incident, the soldiers identified several armed terrorists, who fired at them from a Hamas terrorist infrastructure. The soldiers used the "pressure cooker" procedure and waged a prolonged battle against the terrorists. After eliminating the terrorists, the soldiers entered the site and located many guns, Kalashnikovs, hand grenades and other ammunition.