The 7/10 Human Chain Project reported on a joint rally held in Tavistock Square, London, the site of the 7/7/2005 terror attacks, by Muslim leaders and October 7th massacre survivors from the “Nova” music festival in southern Israel. The rally was held to say, "No To Terror.”

Featured speakers included Loay Alshareef from Abu Dhabi, who emerged as an influential advocate of coexistence despite growing up surrounded by radical ideology, as well as Palestinian Arab activist John Aziz, who condemns Hamas’ actions and offers a unique perspective on the Palestinian Arab relations with Israel.

Nova massacre survivors Hila Fakliro and Bar Vikler shared their testimonies of the terror attack by Hamas on the Nova music festival, which killed 364 partygoers and abducted 40 others.

Loay Alshareef said: "This rally unites people of all backgrounds to call for eternal peace in the Middle East between Arabs and Israelis, Muslims and Jews, to end hate and terror and hostage-taking. Join us in ending hate and saying no to terror.”

The 7/10 Human Chain Project organizes rallies and installations promoting the release of hostages taken in the October 7th massacre, which claimed over 1,200 lives. Sunday's event furthered their mission of grassroots activism against terror.

The rally provided an opportunity for a range of voices to be heard. Attendees raised banners proclaiming, "No To Terror," and amplified calls to release the hostages.