Adi Zohar recounts the terror attack
Adi Zohar recounts the terror attackArutz Sheva

Adi Zohar, who was severely injured in a shooting attack last week as she traveled on Route 1 near Maaleh Adumim, spoke Sunday about the miracle she experienced.

"Thank G-d, I am slowly recovering," Zohar told the media from her hospital bed. "I had a great miracle, and I want to focus on that. I got my life back."

Zohar, who is pregnant, recalled the moments of the terror attack: "I travel there every morning. I was waiting in the traffic jam. The vehicle in front of me rammed into the vehicle in front of it - there was an odd traffic jam and I told my aunt on the phone, and then within seconds the terrorist exited the vehicle like a madman and I saw his gun and I told my aunt, 'They're going to shoot at me.'"

"He looked at me, I tried to slide down in my seat and I thought about my fetus and I said, 'Shema Yisrael,' and he fired at me, I saw blood on my shirt."

"I crawled and went to a woman in her vehicle and told her, 'I'm pregnant, they shot at me, call an ambulance.'"

Zohar stressed, "I had a miracle here. The shrapnel was in a dangerous place, and I and my fetus are alive. Everyone speaks about the moments before death, and that's how I felt, and I thought about my two-year-old son who will have to grow up alive. G-d was with me. The fact that I did not lose consciousness protected my fetus."