Morton Klein, the national president ofthe Zionist Organization of America, spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about his visit to Israel.

“None of us understand how this could not have been stopped, why it took eight hours for people to show up. Thank God, the IDF is here now doing everything they can to ensure that Hamas or terrorist groups like this can never do it again.”

“This is not revenge. I'm not opposed to revenge, but this is primarily to to ensure that people can live in southern and northern Israel.”

He commented on the current US policy towards Israel: “I've known Joe Biden for at least twenty-five years. He has never been a great friend of Israel. We appreciate your aid, but we're not going to stop doing what's best for our people, in our country, because of your threats. People don't understand how problematic he's been - almost everyone that Biden has appointed to posts that affect Israel are hostile to Israel.”

He denounced the sanctions imposed on Israeli citizens: “He's now had sanctions on four Israelis who weren't even tried yet. What country puts sanctions on civilians before they've even been tried? It's not America's business, it's Israel's business to bring these people to justice if they committed a crime.”

“He has publicly praised the two most antisemitic members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar, for their commitment to human rights and justice. When he came here, the second paragraph in his speech demanded a Palestinian state. In the midst of this nightmare, he now wants to set up a state endangering Israel even further.”

“This shows he is not a friend of Israel, and that he is really appointed. He is carrying out Obama's policies. His friend Obama promised him “I'll endorse you if you promote the agenda I want”, so this is all Obama.”

Klein so addressed the Biden administration's stance towards Iran: “He's given Iran $16B and he's ignored all the sanctions on Iran that Trump put in place. Iran is going from $4B in reserves to $100B in reserves, which enables them to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic

Jihad, and other groups. They wouldn't have been able to do this if it wasn't for the monies that they derived because of Biden's policies. We have to understand this man has been bad for Israel.”

He addressed the continual claims by the Israeli government that the Biden administration was an ally: “Every MKand official that we've met has profusely praised Biden. I think this is because they feel if they say that, maybe he'll be less hostile. I can't believe they don't understand what kind of problem Biden has been. The Israelis should be respectful, but express concern about these policies. If he sees that he gets away with hostile policies to Israel, and he's praised, he won't change. If he sees that there may be a consequence where he is harming pro-Israel votes in America, he may change.”

He also claimed that some of the blame lay on Israel: “Israel is not acting the way they should be acting. I want people to understand when they are giving money to Iran, ignoring sanctions, it's not to appease Iran. Nobody's that stupid. To strengthen Iran intentionally is not a peace plan.”

He addressed the repercussions among American Jews: “There was just a poll in New York this week that showed Trump leading Biden 53% to 44%. It's

unbelievable, because the Jews vote 80% to 85% Democrat. I think the Jews are starting to understand that Biden is a problem.”