Ran Pachima
Ran PachimaCourtesy

Among the many tragic implications of the October 7th massacre was the abandonment of the many household pets and farm animals belonging to residents of the Gaza border region. Ran Pachima, a resident of the town of Petahia in central Israel, took it upon himself to rescue them.

Over the next months, Ran made numerous trips to the affected areas to collect abandoned animals. His rescue work continued despite ongoing Hamas bombardments, the various engagements and operations needed to clear Israeli territory of terrorists, and the continual task of locating and collecting the remains of the victims.

The rescued animals were brought to his shelter, Rancho K9, in Petahia. Since then, Ran has worked to help the animals recover and has arranged activities including therapeutic interactions with humans in need of an animal companion, youth group tours, and working dog training.

At the beginning of February, Rancho K9 was gutted by a building fire that killed a large portion of the rescued animals and destroyed Ran’s complex. Ran’s home, which was built nearby, was lost as well, along with most of his personal belongings.

Ran, however, has refused to be discouraged and is already collecting donations and working to salvage and rebuild his enterprise. “I may be without a home now, but I still want to do the one thing I know how to do - save animals,” he says.