SilenceUlpenat Rosh Tsurim

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

We have already said everything there is to say about the current situation. So maybe the time has come to remain silent. One of the hostage families told me about a worldwide ast from speech Jewish initiative that will take place today and any other day from 11:30 to 12:30.

All of us know about a fast from food. A fast from speech is different. It’s not about what goes into the mouth but what comes out of it — in the form of words. We so desperately want the situation to improve, yet the idea behind this initiative is that change starts with ourselves and our actions reverberate up to heaven itself:

“Repentance, prayer, and tzedakah remove the evil decree.” These words of counsel are not only pertinent to the High Holidays, but reflect a perspective on life: It’s always possible to change ourselves and the world around us.

The power of speech is truly awesome. Yet we often use it inappropriately when we speak with negativity or with anger, when we belittle or disparage others. Orna, the mother of hostage Omer Neutra, said: “Join us in keeping silent. Simply without speeches and without slogans, together. Everyone with their own thoughts and feelings, but together we can have an enormous impact.”

And Merav Leshem-Gonen, mother of Romi, added: “Let’s purify our thoughts — to give strength to them and to ourselves.” Let’s be silent together, what do you say?