A Tavor assault rifle
A Tavor assault rifleIWI

In the middle of the as their friends fought in Gaza: Two soldiers from the Nahal Brigade are suspected of attempting to sell a weapon to an illegal Palestinian Arab infiltrator, Kan News reported on Thursday.

The soldiers were arrested at the beginning of the week by the Military Police as they attempted to sell a Micro-Tavor assault rifle which they stole from a fellow soldier in their unit to the Arab.

The detention of the two soldiers was extended until Sunday and the two are being accused of illegally taking a weapon and arms dealing.

The illegal Palestinian infiltrator was arrested by the police and taken for questioning.

The IDF Spokesperson stated in response to the report: "After a comprehensive investigation, using diverse means, the soldiers were arrested. An additional soldier was arrested for alleged involvement in the incident and the Military Prosecution is expected to request to extend his detention."