The munitions that the suspect took as a 'keepsake'
The munitions that the suspect took as a 'keepsake'צילום: דוברות המשטרה

Police arrested a volunteer earlier this week who collected ammunition from the combat in the Gaza envelope while he was volunteering there after the October 7th massacre.

On the 29-year-old suspect, police found a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a magazine, 51 5.56 rounds, and a substance that is suspected to be drugs.

The suspect was arrested in an apartment in Beit Aryeh in Samaria by detectives from the Bnei Brak-Ramat Gan police station, together with the Tel Aviv Border Police and a K9 who searched the apartment.

The suspect volunteered for a civilian organization and during activity in the Gaza envelope he noticed the weapon in Kibbutz Be'eri and picked it up for self-defense and later kept the gun as a "keepsake."

On Thursday his detention was extended and the prosecution intends on submitting an indictment against him.