Michael Freilich, a member of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium, rebuked Minister of Development Cooperation and Urban Policy Caroline Gennez for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. Gennez refused to apologize.

"It is a crucial question for our German friends: are you really going to be on the wrong side of history twice?" said Gennez. "Are we still going to stand by and watch if ethnic cleansing were to take place? Surely that was what 'nie wieder' meant?”

“I have always admired Germany for its ability to face its own war past. It thus formed the basis of the European project. It is, therefore, difficult to understand that Germany allows itself to be so wrapped up by this Israeli government, which pursues a shameless settlement policy.”

She later claimed that she had not compared Israel to the Nazis, and saying that she would not apologize for something she had not said. Freilich dismissed the claims as insulting the intelligence of the audience, and that she had obviously been referencing the Holocaust.

Freilich also mentioned a lengthy list of other statements from Gennez’s party members that he claimed were racist. Gennez refused to take responsibility for the statements.

He ended by shoving the microphone aside and shouting, “Shame on you, Minister! This is a disgrace!”