Hananyah Ben-Shimon
Hananyah Ben-ShimonCourtesy

Hananyah, the son of media advisor Arik Ben-Shimon, was wounded in the shooting attack near Maaleh Adumim after killing one of the terrorists.

Hananyah, 23, left reserve service in Gaza a week and a half ago. He was in a vehicle along with his mother when the attack began.

He fired through the windshield, left his vehicle, and engaged and killed the terrorist at point-blank range. He was shot in his stomach and leg while doing so.

His father wrote: “My son was wounded with a bullet through his stomach and leg. He is conscious. We just spoke. He is a hero, who identified the terrorist, shot from the window of his car, engaged the terrorist, and killed him."

Minister of Settlements and National Missions Orit Strock commented: “Hero of Israel! I salute Hananyah, the son of my good friend Arik Ben-Shimon, the dedicated and talented spokesman of the Eretz Yisrael lobby for many years. He engaged and killed the terrorist. He was injured, and we all pray for his recovery.”

One man was murdered in the attack. Eight more people were injured, two critically.

The MDA stated that two women, aged 23 and 30, were shot in the chest and suffered serious wounds. A 23-year-old man was shot in his stomach and pelvis and suffered serious wounds. Two victims in their 40s were shot in the arms, and suffered intermediate injuries.

One victim in his twenties has already been brought to Hadassah Hospital. Two more were reported as being on their way. Three individuals suffered emotional trauma.

An initial investigation shows that the terrorists exploited the traffic jams at the checkpoint and went from car to car, shooting into the Israeli vehicles. They were neutralized at the scene, with one dying at the scene and another being seriously injured. Two people who were in the car with them were arrested.