IDF soldiers on the Syrian border
IDF soldiers on the Syrian borderFlash 90

Israeli forces arrested a suspect crossing from Syrian territory into Israeli territory on Wednesday night. The suspect was taken for questioning.

Kan reports that opposition leaders in Syria claim that the suspect arrested was Muta’a A-Sarhan, a member of the Syrian ruling party, who lives in one of the Syrian villages close to the border. It was also reported that he was arrested while in Syrian territory.

Syrian media claims that on Wednesday, an airstrike in Damascus killed three people. The attack was attributed to Israel.

Syrian officials told Sky News in Arabic that the attack was targeted against Iranian officials. Four hours later, Syrian media reported another explosion in Damascus.

The Russian network Sputnik claimed that Israeli aircraft launched several missiles from the Golan Heights towards positions around Damascus, and that the Syrian army had successfully shot down most of them using anti-tank missiles.

Additionally, an unmanned aircraft struck an Iranian weapons depot in the eastern Syria city of Al Bukamal, near the Iraqi border.