A shoulder-mounted missile stolen during the war
A shoulder-mounted missile stolen during the warPolice Spokesperson

IDF officials are perturbed by munitions thefts courtesy of the war and suspect that soldiers and civilians who gained access to ammunition during the war stole frag grenades, bullets, and antitank missiles, some as souvenirs and some to sell to criminal organizations in Israel, Kan News reported.

This week the police arrested an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem who had a Matador-type shoulder-mounted missile, which is used often by the IDF, in his vehicle.

In addition, earlier in the month, 15 frag grenades were used in various criminal incidents within ten days of each other. The grenades were standard-issue frag grenades stolen in recent months from the IDF. It is also feared that some of the munitions will be smuggled to terrorist organizations in Judea and Samaria, and the IDF is preparing to conduct preventative inspections at checkpoints.

Several instances of weapons theft have occurred since the war in Gaza began. In December the State Prosecutor filed an indictment against Roi Yifrah, 35 from Tel Aviv, after he impersonated a soldier and police officer and stole a weapon, ammunition, and military and police equipment in the south.

According to the indictment, filed through the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office, Yifrah came to the combat zone in the south on October 7 and falsely presented himself in various situations, including a military sapper, a combat soldier in the National Counterterrorism Unit, and a member of the Shin Bet. Using his false identity and the fact that he was in the battle zone, he was given access to ammunition and military and police equipment. From the outbreak of the war until his arrest on December 17, he stole large quantities of weapons and ammunition, including grenades, cartridges, bullets, and more.