Yuval Kestelman
Yuval KestelmanCourtesy of the family

The family of Yuval Kestelman, the armed civilian who was shot dead by an IDF reservist after neutralizing terrorists who committed an attack in Jerusalem in November, held a press conference on Wednesday in Tel Aviv and called for the creation of a state commission of inquiry into the incident.

Moshe, Yuval's father, called on the prosecutor to open a "real" investigation into the incident and reveal what exactly occurred at the scene of the attack.

"At the beginning, we were happy with the prosecutor's announcement that it ordered the Police Internal Investigations Department to open an investigation and to find the truth because there were failures here that were beyond negligence. Unfortunately, we are two months and ten days after that order and nothing has happened," the father stated.

"It isn't an investigation, it's more like a joke. We convened this press conference to call from this stage on the prosecution to order an investigation that will find the truth because we understood that they didn't find it appropriate to investigate the police officers who were involved in the incident," he added.

Kestelman, an attorney at the Civil Service Commission, was on his way to work when he noticed the attack on the other side of the road. He stopped his car to neutralize the terrorists, but soldiers who were at the scene thought he was a terrorist and shot him.

Footage from the scene showed Kestelman raising his hands while sitting on his knees on the road when he was shot by the soldiers. He suffered critical injuries and was taken to the hospital where, as noted above, he was pronounced dead on Thursday evening.

Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, Livia Dickman, and Chana Ifergan were murdered in the attack