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Explosions were heard earlier Wednesday in Damascus, as well as in several locations in Israel.

According to a radio station affiliated with the Syrian government, initial information indicates that Israel attacked near Damascus.

Syrian television reports that a number of missiles were fired in the attack on Damascus' Kafar Sousah neighborhood.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Al-Arabiya that senior Hezbollah operatives, as well as senior IRGC officials, often frequent the building which was attacked in Damascus.

A Sky News Arabic report quoted Syrian sources as saying that the target of the attack was an Iranian figure.

The Voice of the Capital, affiliated with the Syrian opposition, said that the attack was conducted using three missiles which hit a number of apartments in a building in the Kafar Sousah neighborhood in Damascus. According to the information, some of it served as command centers for Iranian militias.

A Syrian military source said, "At around 9:40a.m. (Damascus time), Israel attacked from the air, from the Golan area, a residential building in the Kafar Sousah neighborhood in Damascus, using a number of missiles. Two were killed and several others injured; damage was caused to the building and nearby buildings."

Israel has not responded to the reports.