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Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Shalom Sivan, My name is Hallel, the fiancee of Nethanel Eitan HY”D, who fell in Gaza on Hanukkah. I would be pleased if the following excerpt from his diary would be shared in order to spread his light. May we hear good news. Am Yisrael chai.

*Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains.*

*Jerusalem is a symbol of life.*

*She is so beautiful, and with such unique beauty.*

*She does not have the tallest mountain in the world.*

*She does not have an impressive mountain glacier either.*

*Her mountains, in fact, are average.*

*Despite all this, she is the most beautiful city in the world.*

*True beauty comes from within and radiates outwards.*

*To see the beauty in someone else, you have to look inside.*

*A husband who sees the beauty in his wife will always see it, no matter how many years have passed.*

*This is the story of Jerusalem — what’s inside makes her the most beautiful city.*

*And if I succeed in applying this principle and I succeed in finding my Jerusalem in a woman, I will find the most beautiful woman in the world.*

— from the diary of Lieutenant Nethanel Menachem Eitan, HY”D