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US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller responded on Tuesday to allegations by United Nations experts that IDF soldiers raped Palestinian Arab women.

Asked to comment on the statement by the UN Human Rights Office, Miller replied, “I have seen the allegations. I cannot independently confirm the reports.”

“I will say that we have been clear that civilians and detained individuals must be treated humanely and in accordance with international humanitarian law. We strongly urge Israel to thoroughly and transparently investigate credible allegations and ensure any accountability for abuses and violations, and that will continue to be our position,” he added.

On Monday, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) accused IDF soldiers of raping Palestinian Arab women and girls in detention.

“We are particularly disturbed by reports that Palestinian women and girls in detention have been subjected to several forms of sexual assault,” the UN agency charging, claiming that the women and girls were “stripped naked and searched by male soldiers.”

The agency further claimed, “At least two Palestinian detainees were raped, while others were threatened with rape and sexual violence.”

Israel’s UN mission rejected the claims and denounced the UN agency.

“Israel forcefully rejects the despicable and unfounded claims published today by a group of so-called UN experts, including one who just days ago legitimized the massacre of October 7 in which more than 1,200 people were murdered, executed and raped, and another who publicly doubted the testimonies of Israeli victims of gender-based and sexual violence,” it wrote in a statement posted to X.

“These mandate holders have remained silent on the horrific sexual violence and gender-based violence perpetrated by Hamas on and since October 7. It is clear that the co-signatories are motivated not by the truth but by their hatred for Israel and its people,” the statement added.

“The State of Israel will continue to abide by its obligations under international law. No complaint has been received by Israeli authorities but Israel remains ready to investigate any concrete claims of misconduct by its security forces when presented with credible allegations and evidence,” it concluded.

A New York Times report recently uncovered harrowing evidence of how Hamas terrorists used rape and sexual violence during their October 7 massacre in Israel.

After weeks of ignoring Hamas’ sexual violence during the October 7 attack, UN Women issued its first condemnation of the brutality in early December.