David Ben Gurion
David Ben GurionCohen Fritz / GPO

Ever since assuming power, Netanyahu has been subject to irrational hate and abuse from Post Zionist radical progressive elites. And for many of those years he’s been on trial for what many reputable legal experts claim are deeply flawed, politically trumped-up charges.

The Prime Minister could have avoided this debilitating legal ordeal if he had consented to a plea bargain and stepped away from the national political scene. However, he has been resolute in trying to establish his innocence. Only a few select leaders possess the fortitude necessary to shoulder the responsibility of governing a nation while dealing with a taxing trial, deflecting daily, harsh media criticism, public demonstrations, and a vacuous political opposition.

During the tenure of President Obama, Netanyahu exhibited daring and exceptional political skills. Bypassing Obama he spoke directly to the American people, by delivering a speech to Congress where he strongly criticized Obama's nuclear strategies regarding Iran.

Netanyahu stands out as the only current leader in Israel who has the essential experience and expertise needed to tackle the war with Hamas. His extensive knowledge has equipped him with the necessary tools to navigate through complex situations and come up with effective solutions.Whether facing domestic political struggles or external threats, Netanyahu has more often than not exhibited confident and competent leadership. His skillful management has been instrumental in shaping Israel’s policies, ensuring a decade of economic growth, and relative peace in a very volatile region.

Thus, it is safe to say that Netanyahu has many national achievements to his credit. But, alongside them some perplexing failures too. Arguably the most glaring of which is the Hamas and Hezbollah containment policies. He was not alone in this. There were others who shared in this calamitous strategic failure. These include the elites of Israel’s establishment. Specifically, the Military, Mossad, Shin Bet, politicians, judiciary, and ably abetted by the"fifth estate" . Each of them played a pivotal role in the promotion of these policies that ultimately failed.

As a result, Israel is presently at a crucial and existential juncture in its history that rivals the magnitude of the 1948 War of Independence. If Israel does not achieve an unequivocal and absolute victory over Hamas and Hezbollah, the future of Israel is at grave risk .

The Israeli government is currently subjected to intimidation and coercion tactics that bear striking resemblance to those utilized against Czechoslovakia prior to the eruption of World War Two. An American administration together with most of the international community are ironically campaigning for Israel “to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory “. Whether this is driven by pathological antisemitism, ideological progressive woke-ism ; or perhaps a more sinister plan, the elimination of Israel through unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.

The last time an Israeli Prime Minister had to encounter comparable existential challenges was Ben Gurion. And despite his flaws and previous setbacks, Ben Gurion made crucial decisions that ensured the creation of the Jewish state. He achieved this feat while encountering substantial global pressures and a frequently divided cabinet. While commanding formations of under-armed guerrilla fighters with minimal to no prior experience in engaging organized military forces.

After the war of independence Ben Gurion's steadfast and skilled leadership earned him the loyalty and gratitude of the people. This achievement alone would have secured Ben Gurion's position as an exceptional leader in the annals of Jewish history.

Netanyahu now faces an iconic moment of his own, just like Ben Gurion’s. He has been chosen by fate or destiny to navigate Israel through the Gaza war. It marks a pivotal moment in his career, and provides him with the opportunity to cement his place in the annals of Jewish history; and emerge as a visionary leader, spearheading a monumental triumph, and reshaping the region's political landscape. To achieve this goal, he needs to lead the nation to a resounding victory over Hamas and Hezbollah.

After the current war, regardless of the outcome, Israel’s establishment elites, opposition factions, and street protests will collaborate to ensure that Netanyahu is held responsible for the October 7th atrocities. By any means necessary, they will disgrace him, erase his historical accomplishments, and force him out of office. However, if the Prime Minister guides the country to an indisputable victory, both military and political ; the gratitude of the nation will drown out the small number of progressive liberal voices .

Should the war cabinet or military leaders attempt to undermine the war's stated declarations, Netanyahu must assert his authority, and, if needed, replace high-ranking officers. To guarantee the efficacy of the war and capitalize on its potential opportunities, it is imperative he undertake the subsequent measures:

  • Block the efforts of the Biden administration to bring an end to the ongoing operations.
  • Initiate a comprehensively financed global initiative aimed at securing safe havens for Gazan refugees, mirroring the resettlement efforts extended to millions of Ukrainian and Syrian asylum seekers.
  • Impose martial law in Gaza.
  • In unambiguous language, repudiate all unilateral proclamations regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state.
  • Extend sovereignty over the Jordan valley and all Jewish settlements.
  • Grant Palestinian Arabs home rule with autonomy over their own affairs. Alternatively, families who volunteer to relocate could be offered generous grants.

The current Israeli generation has unquestionably demonstrated their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. Their combat skills evoke memories of the Maccabees, who would have been honored to battle alongside them.

The Jewish soldier is making awe inspiring progress in the field,and their bravery will lead to a victory that will be exceptional by any criteria.

Israel may have to wait many decades for another opportunity to have it’s citizens live in defensible and secure borders.

Netanyahu, the time is now, you are ready and, if you are unwavering, the nation will rally behind you.

Malcolm Dash was until retirement Director of Operations at the Israel Institute for Strategic (IISS) Studies www.strategic-israel.org. In 1968 he made Aliyah from Cape Town where he had studied economics and business administration at Cape Town University, served in the IDF including service during the “1973 Yom Kippur” war and work in a volunteer capacity with the Public Diplomacy Section “Hasbara” of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He later founded the Association for Israel-international Affairs and successfully arranged private briefings and seminars for the embassies of China, India, and Vietnam.