A South African Member of Parliament threatened a "bloodbath" in Cape Town during a Parliamentary debate on the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization, MEMRI reported.

The debate occurred on February 14. In a video that was uploaded to the South African Parliament's Youtube page, MP Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam of the National Freedom Party said, "We have political parties in this house that are trying to justify the massacre and genocide that are taking place in Palestine, particularly, right now in Rafah. But let me give a loud and clear message to the Democratic Alliance: If you think that the people of this country are going to allow you to take this beautiful country, the city of Cape Town of ours, and hand it over to the Zionists, the city of Cape Town will be a bloodbath, I can assure you [of] that."

"We will not allow you to take this and sell it, sell your principles, your ethics, and values, like you have just pawned the land in the Western Cape to the United States and others. We will not allow you to make this a Jewish state!" he said.

Emam's threat of a "bloodbath" comes as the South African government has brought a charge of genocide against Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, arguing, among other things, that Israeli leaders have engaged in genocidal rhetoric following the Hamas massacre of October 7.