Smoking drugs (illustration)
Smoking drugs (illustration)iSTOCK

The Israel National Anti-Doping Organization has announced that three basketball players failed drug tests carried out over December.

According to the statement from the INADO, the three players in question are Xavier Tyler Jerome Munford from Hapoel Tel Aviv, Deishuan Booker from Hapoel Eilat, and Drew Edelman from the women’s team of Maccabi Ramat Gan. The three were found positive in drug tests carried out over the past few months, and have been suspended pending a hearing.

Booker and Munford tested positive for cannabis use, and Edelman tested positive for amphetamines. The three are allowed to appeal the results, but the process could mean an extended investigation and their continued absence from the court.

This is not the first time that a major-league player has failed a drug test and been suspended for it. The last such player to be caught was Kadeem Allen from Hapoel Haifa, during the previous season. Allen opted to fight the suspension and was allowed to return to the court after missing only three games.

The announcement nevertheless comes as a blow to Hapoel Tel Aviv, as Munford was considered among its best players this season. His team is at the top of the league rankings - but its main rival, the Tel Aviv Maccabi team, is only a short distance behind.