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One month has passed since the news of the car accident that took Yosef Chaim Shaul's life shook the news. A young father of 4, he was an exceptional man, known for his gentle smile and aversion to arguments.

We touched base with the family to hear how they are doing and weren’t prepared for the extent of their heartache.

Friends have urged Sara Shaul to be strong for her kids, but she’s in a very bad state, and unable to muster up the emotional energy it takes to put on a happy front for her kids and greet the world with a smile.

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She shared, “The loss of my husband hits me at the hardest time. You can't imagine what it’s like every single time I see his empty bed, his coat hanging on the hook, and his shirts in my cupboard. I broke down crying yesterday when my little girl asked me to cut her sandwich like Abba. She just stared at me, but I didn’t have the strength to pull myself together.”

Yosef Chaim Shaul was not only a caring stronghold of his family, he was the sole breadwinner, working 2 jobs and barely breaking even. Now, a month after his death, the family’s financial situation is dire, and Sara Shaul is struggling to pay for her young children's basic needs.

A fund has been started to help Sara provide for her family until she is strong enough to do so herself. Please consider contributing to the fund, helping a grieving widow and 4 young kids weather the uncertain times ahead.