Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackNati Shohat/Flash90

Major S., the IDF officer who eliminated the terrorist who committed the shooting attack at Re’em Junction on Friday recounted to Kan Reshet Bet radio that he was on his way back from shopping for Shabbat with his 15-year-old son when he heard gunfire.

“I realized it must be a terrorist attack. I told my son that there was an attack underway and that he should call the police,” he recounted.

Major S. continued: “I spotted a person that I suspected to be the terrorist but did not fire. I put on my identification cap (a style of cap with high visibility print identifying the wearer as an emergency responder, ubiquitous throughout Israeli emergency services), put him in my sights, and waited. When I saw him aiming his weapon, I understood that it was the terrorist and fired.

“Civilians with firearms have a responsibility. I carry my handgun everywhere - a gun at home does not help,” he reminds the public. He also stated that he carries an identification cap at all times to prevent being mistaken as a terrorist himself.

During the attack, a Yeshiva student and IDF soldier were murdered, and four more individuals were wounded.

The attacker was an Israeli citizen from eastern Jerusalem. He arrived at the bus stop in a car, opened fire, and was killed by Major S. who happened to be in the area.