Gazans watch bombing in Rafah
Gazans watch bombing in RafahFlash 90

Leonie Ben-Simon is a freelance journalist with an MBA from Monash University, Victoria Australia.

Strange. Gazan refugees are simply not wanted.

Not by Arab countries. Not by the Europeans. Not welcomed by anyone. Not wanted. Not in small numbers, and definitely not in large ones.

And they want to leave.

Whilst refugees worldwide were relocated by the United Nations, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees ) was set up to perpetuate those Arabs and generations of their descendants who lost the 1948 war when seven Arab nations attacked Israel. Over the years their leaders banded together to call them all Palestinians from the old Roman name for Israel.

My own mother was a Palestinian being born in Jaffa, Israel. A Jew as were so many Jews born and living there as they did for thousands of years. So much for the falsehood of a Palestinian Arab nation in Israel, one which never existed.

But back to why no nations want to resettle the Gazans. Firstly they understand that almost the whole population voted in Hamas, then rejoiced in the streets when their own people murdered, raped, killed babies and children and more. Hundreds invaded Israel to loot and kill alongside uniformed terrorists. Others spat and cursed as hostages were paraded by them and when some of those hostages were freed.

Would decent people want such immigrants to enter their country?

Secondly the thousands of UNWRA employees have a vested interest to keep their jobs, including the one filmed dumping a murdered Israeli in a car trunk and those who were proven to have participated in the October 7 massacre. If Gazans are resettled their employment would come to an end.

Egypt has barred Gazans ⁰and closed its border to Gaza. Although in the past it did rule Gaza, it chose to leave in 1967. It has no appetite to accept hordes of refugees. It may now set up a place in Sinai for them to flee the coming IDF attack on Rafah.

Neither do the wealthy Arab states such as Qatar and others want Gazan refugees. Their silence on this matter has been deafening. They import Indians, Pakistanis and others as workers, so why not Gazans?

The same with Jordanians who are not offering to accept Gazans. Tens of thousands of Palestinian Arab refugees were killed by the Jordanian army in an operation known as Black September after being a threat to the kingdom. Many more were expelled to Lebanon and Syria.

If all the wealthy counties in the world would take 50,000 Gazans each, UNWRA could be disbanded and the millions now being donated to it could be used to resettle them. They would then assimilate into these countries, as it is only Jews they wish to annihilate, giving their children life rather than warmongering, suffering and death.

In places like Australia one out of three people have been born overseas. Huge amounts of migrants arrive annually. Canada welcomes migrants. More are pouring into the United Staes, whilst Europe needs workers.

The topic of resettling the people of Gaza who want to leave has been upended by the media war against both Israel and the Jews. We are witnessing a repeat of the 1930's and the Holocaust in much of the language on TV concentrating on the poor people of Gaza. Except that Israel is strong with an army that it did not have during the Second World War. No matter what and even with the great USA trying to rewrite the agenda, Israel is winning.

Now resettlement of the Gazans has to be the Plan For The Day After. These are people after all, even though they dedicated their lives to the destruction of Israel. They lost.

Now the nations of the world must stand up and give these human beings the chance of a decent life rather than leaving their leaders to plan and use that willing population to carry out massacres again.

Their aim must be peace, acceping these people and emptying out a ruined country, not leaving Gazans to perpetuate war.