Site of terrorist attack at Re'em Junction
Site of terrorist attack at Re'em JunctionNati Shohat/Flash90

Only a few days before the murderous attack at the Re’em Junction on Friday, the police received a report about terrorist Fadi Jamjoum who was acting suspiciously.

Investigative journalist Yedidya Epstein noticed that Jamjoum, who had previously written about his intention to be a martyr, was on the beach in Jaffa and reported this to the police.

Jamjoum previously wrote a post, "Between al-Aqsa, between Jerusalem, we follow the path of the martyr Fadi Abu Shhidam." Shhidam carried out an attack three years ago in the Old City of Jerusalem, murdering Eliyahu Kay and leaving a letter for his students to follow in his footsteps.

Last week Epstein called the police to inform them that he had noticed a story posted by Jamjoum in which he said he was at the beach in Jaffa. The policeman wondered what was suspicious about that.

Epstein wrote today, "They chose to ignore it and told me there was nothing to do and that they were not sending any policeman to check it out and if I wanted to, I could go to the station to file a complaint."

The police responded to the conversation saying that "a quick check by the police officer who took the call, found that it was a post published nine months earlier. The caller was asked to come to the police station to hand over the materials he had. Any attempt to artificially connect this conversation to the attack that happened on Friday must be dismissed and condemned."

Sergeant Major (ret.) Uri Yaish, a 27-year-old reservist from Modi'in, and 23-year-old yeshiva student Yishai Gertner were murdered in the attack.

Major (Res.) S., who noticed what was happening, engaged and eliminated the terrorist, Fadi Jamjoum from East Jerusalem.

The terrorist arrived at the junction in a Mazda vehicle around 12:30, did a U-turn, got out of his car, and opened fire at the people standing at the bus stop.

The reservist who killed the terrorist is a former member of the security forces. "I was on the other side of the road, I saw him shooting and ran with my gun drawn," he said. "I charged at him. First, I fired from a distance and then I got closer to him and continued shooting. I reached him and made sure he was neutralized."