Police activity
Police activityPolice Spokesman

Police and IDF forces have sealed off the home of the terrorist who murdered two and injured others at the Masmiya-Re’em junction last Friday.

His house was sealed off after he murdered two men in a shooting attack last Friday at the Re’em Junction. Yishai Gartner and reservist Colonel Uri Yaish were murdered and others were injured. After the murderous attack, authorities decided to take further action against the terrorist who was eliminated, against his property and his surroundings.

The commander of the Jerusalem District, Superintendent Doron Turgeman, ordered the relevant authorities to promote the procedure to demolish the terrorist's home as quickly as possible, and to carry out additional activities, including the arrest of terrorist targets, supporters of terrorism, and violent troublemakers in the area, as well as increase ongoing enforcement and security activities to thwart terrorist organizations.

This morning, after an order was issued by the Major General of the Home Front Command, the Jerusalem District Police and soldiers of the Jerusalem Border Police and IDF forces from the Home Front Command, went to the Shua’afat neighborhood in Jerusalem, to seal the terrorist's house, at the same time as initiating the procedure required to demolish it as soon as possible.

Prior to sealing the terrorist's house, the house was confiscated by the police and security forces, evacuated of its inhabitants and contents, and subsequently, the doors of the house were sealed after receiving the required approval and in accordance with the confiscation and sealing order.

During the activity, local residents began throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the IDF forces, who had to respond with various means to disperse the rioters.