Illustrationצילום: Shutterstock

Moshe Apfel, 10, has plenty of toys and games at home, like most kids his age. For that reason, it took a while before his parents began to notice that something was off: His toys were disappearing. First, it was a set of cards, then an electric car. Before long, his bookshelf was noticeably emptier.

It was only when Moshe approached his father last week that the heartbreaking truth was revealed. The 10-year-old reached into his pockets and pulled out a crumpled wad of bills and loose coins. “For mommy’s surgery,” he said, his voice shaking. It took all of his father’s strength not to cry.

Moshe’s mother, Shifra Apfel, is currently fighting brain cancer. Doctors have told her that she must fly to Germany as soon as possible for specialized treatments to save her life. The amount needed to fly there and afford the treatments is in the hundreds of thousands. How they could possibly afford to save Shifra’s life, and return her to her 7 children, has been her husband’s main topic of conversation lately. He hadn’t realized Moshe was listening. In his childhood innocence, he thought he could help.

Needless to say, the sales from Moshe’s toys will not be enough to save his mother’s life. Donations from the public, however, just might.

An emergency fund has been opened to save Shifra’s life. Each and every donation is deeply appreciated.