Yom Kippur War (archive)
Yom Kippur War (archive)GPO

Kan reports that the Egyptian Defense Ministry has published a series of documents, entitled ‘War Secrets’, dealing with the preparations for the Yom Kippur War.

According to the report, the documents build the strategic preparations of Israel's military and detail operations on the Egyptian and Syrian fronts. The documents include correspondence between officers, details about the war, the beginning of preparations, crossing the Suez Canal, strategic deceptions, and more.

The documents also deal with the Six Day War. General Nasser Salem, an advisor at the Nasser Military Academy, told the Egyptian magazine Youm7 “Publishing these documents is part of the program to release documents for which significant time has passed to allow them to be published, as a reminder to the world of the recent history of Egypt.”

General Adal al-Omada, an advisor at the academy, claimed: “This is a reminder that despite situation at the time, Egypt achieved its goals and its situation today is better. It can achieve its goals at any time.”