Jewish students at Stanford University have said that they fear for their lives following a series of antisemitic incidents on campus that included threats by students and staff at the university.

The Washington Free Beacon published a video of a university teaching assistant who said that he would welcome the assassination of President Biden due to his support for Israel and who stood outside a pro-Israel display holding a sign that read 'Ask me about Jihad.'

The teaching assistant, Hamza El Boudali, further stated that Jews living under a Hamas-run America would do "very well ... just like the hostages."

Although the Jewish students reported the shocking statements to the heads of the university, the administration refused to punish him and merely moved his classes to ZOOM instead of being held in person.

Jewish students also said that they have received death threats, such as when anti-Israel students warned they would "find out where you live." However, the Jewish students said that their complaints have not been taken seriously by the administration.

A university spokesperson refused to condemn El Boudali, telling the Free Beacon, "For months, the Blue and White Tent has been presenting Islamophobic rhetoric and misinformation to the campus community. As a Muslim student who has been here for over 5 years, I took it upon myself to combat their Islamophobia through education."

On January 24, during a university forum on combatting antisemitism, the event was overrun by anti-Israel protestors who harassed Jewish students and faculty and chanted "go back to Brooklyn!," "Zionists you can't hide!" and "Israel will fall!"