IDF forces operate in Gaza
IDF forces operate in GazaIDF spokesperson

In the southern Gaza Strip, IDF troops continue to operate against terror targets in the area of Khan Yunis.

The Commando Brigade, Shayetet 13, and additional special forces are continuing to conduct a precise and limited operation against the Hamas terrorist organization within the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis. The activity is based on IDF intelligence indicating that Hamas terrorist activity is being carried out from within the hospital. The activity conducted led to approximately 100 individuals suspected of terrorist activity being apprehended.

In parallel to the searches, IDF troops killed terrorists around the area of the hospital.

Furthermore in Khan Yunis, IDF troops conducted targeted raids on numerous terrorist targets where they located weapons including grenades, explosive devices, and AK-47 rifles.

In addition, IDF troops identified two terrorists approaching them on a motorcycle, the troops guided an aircraft which killed them.

IDF troops identified three terrorists driving toward a launch site, and directed an aircraft that killed the terrorists.

During the operations in Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified a terrorist cell meters away and eliminated them with close-quarters fire.

In parallel, in the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops killed a number of terrorists throughout the past day.

During one of the activities, IDF troops identified two Hamas terrorists, and within a short period, a fighter jet struck the terrorists and killed them.