Minister Benny Gantz
Minister Benny GantzPress Release

Minister Benny Gantz addressed Hamas on the background of the continued fighting and the looming prospects of the IDF invading Rafah.

“A moment before Shabbat, I would like to address all citizens of Israel and the families of the hostages. We will not stop until we bring them back, no matter how, as we proved this week. There will be no ceasefire for even a day until our hostages are returned. In any case, the war will continue until its goals have been achieved.”

He then specifically addressed Hamas: “It is important that all Hamas terrorists know that there will be no safe havens for them either above or below ground. The fighting can continue even during the approaching month of Ramadan.”

“Either return our hostages or we will expand the fighting to Rafah. We are prepared for this, and will work in coordination with our partners, including Egypt, to evacuate the civilian population to safe areas. Then we will take action.”