Terrorists at the Gaza border on October 7th
Terrorists at the Gaza border on October 7thAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Palestinian Arab laborers are constructing the new fence on the Israel-Gaza border, Ynet reported on Thursday.

The laborers are working at the site, despite the Security Cabinet's decision not to allow Arab laborers from Judea and Samaria to enter Israeli territory for work.

According to the report, the defense establishment is currently employing hundreds of Palestinian Arab laborers from Judea and Samaria in the Gaza area as part of the efforts to rebuild the fence, which was breached by Hamas terrorists on October 7th.

"Chelm is here," commented Minister Nir Barkat, referring to the town of imbeciles from Jewish folklore. "A scandalous decision by the Defense Minister to allow Palestinian laborers to erect the security fence on the Gaza border is unimaginable and violates the Economic Cabinet's decision. The Defense Ministry is mistaken to think that it is above the government's decisions."

Barkat added: "The Economic Cabinet decided not to allow Palestinian laborers into Israel and everyone must respect that decision. The people of the misconception who brought us October 7th have not learned their lesson. Likewise, the attempt to whitewash the employment of Palestinians through their connection to the security fence is to spit in the face of the public."

MK Avigdor Liberman commented: "The report that hundreds of laborers from Judea and Samaria are currently being employed by the defense establishment, and are taking part in the engineering work on the breaches in the fence which was destroyed on October 7th by Hamas murderers, is a crazy report that best shows that the old and defeatist misconception is still here.

"If there is a shortage of workers, foreign workers should be brought, and risks shouldn't be taken on the citizens of Israel's backs. I call on the Israeli government to wake up quickly."