IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari on Thursday discussed the IDF's operation in the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis.

Hagari revealed footage from the interrogation of a Hamas terrorist who admitted that dozens of Hamas operatives were in the hospital during the war and at least ten hostages were held there.

"We don't go into a hospital for no reason," Hagari clarified. "In the Nasser Hospital there are about 400 uninvolved patients, and exactly for that reason the Hamas and Jihad terrorists chose to hide there after the massacre which they committed."

According to him, "From interrogations of terrorists and repetitive testimonies, we can conclude that hostages were held in the past on the hospital's premises. In addition, we have information that the bodies of hostages were held in the complex.

"IDF special forces are currently operating in the hospital's confines against terrorist infrastructure and are searching for hostages. However, we have yet to find anything, we are still searching," Hagari added. "So far, in the hospital, we have arrested dozens of terrorists, and found many weapons, including grenades and mortars on the hospital's property."

Terrorists arrested in Nasser hospital
Terrorists arrested in Nasser hospitalIDF Spokesperson