MK Matan Kahana
MK Matan KahanaIsrael National News

MK Matan Kahana (National Unity) commented on the Prime Minister's conduct towards members of his party and the possibility of his party leaving the emergency government.

“We are not looking for connections or favors. I don't know why he is acting as he is, but it gives a feeling that he has exhausted the unity of the emergency government,” he told Radio 103FM.

He emphasized: “If Netanyahu really wants to disband and the emergency government, he need only continue acting as he does now. Glory and polls are the last thing we are concerned about right now. We care only that the war be managed in a manner that brings Israel to victory and recovery of the hostages.”

“Netanyahu has 64 mandates. If we were to leave the government, there's an expectation that there would be elections immediately, which is not the case. In a government with 64 mandates, even regarding matters like the budget and the Draft Law, Netanyahu can do as he pleases. We understand this situation, and we entered the government to not because we believe Netanyahu is leading the state well, but rather because we understand that during a war our place is to shoulder the burden, have our hands on the wheel, and know that without us things would look completely different. Without us the soldiers in the front would not feel the unity that is so important to them for achieving victory.”