David Cameron
David CameronREUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Britain wants an "absolute guarantee" that UNRWA, the UN “Palestinian refugee” agency, will not employ staff who are willing to attack Israel, Foreign Secretary David Cameron said on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Britain last month joined the United States and a host of other countries in "temporarily pausing" funding for UNRWA after Israel alleged that around 12 of its employees were involved in the Hamas October 7 attack on Israel.

Donors such as Britain and the United States have indicated they will not resume support until the UN's internal investigation into the allegations ends. A preliminary report is due to be published in the next several weeks, noted Reuters.

Asked what Britain needed to see in the report in order to resume funding, Cameron said, "What we're looking for is an absolute guarantee that this can't happen again. Let's be clear here that it looks as if there were people working for UNRWA who took part in the October 7th attacks on Israel. That is unacceptable."

"That's why we paused our funding. That's why these reviews are taking place," he added. "We need them to take place quickly because many UNRWA staff do an absolutely vital job inside Gaza, where they are the only network for distributing aid, to make sure that we get aid to people that need it very, very badly."

The New York Times recently published details on the accusations that Israel has levelled at workers of UNRWA.

According to the report, one of the UNRWA workers is accused of kidnapping a woman, another is said to have handed out ammunition and a third was described as taking part in the massacre at Kibbutz Be’eri, where 97 people were murdered.

The accusations are contained in a dossier provided to the United States government that details Israel’s claims against a dozen employees of UNRWA.

In addition to the involvement of the 12 employees in the Hamas massacre, the IDF recently revealed that UNRWA offices served Hamas terrorists for terror activities, and that a tunnel found under the UNRWA headquarters shared electric infrastructure with Hamas.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini later published a series of posts on X in which he claimed that the agency “did not know” that there were Hamas terrorist tunnels under its Gaza headquarters.

Responding to Lazzarini’s claims, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan called on him to resign.

“It’s not that you didn’t know, it’s that you didn’t WANT to know. We exposed terror tunnels under UNRWA schools and supplied evidence that Hamas’ exploits UNRWA. We implored you to carry out a comprehensive search of all UNRWA facilities in Gaza. But not only did you refuse, you chose to stick your head in the sand,” Erdan wrote in a post on X.

“Take responsibility and resign today! Every day we find more proof that in Gaza the UN=Hamas and vice versa. Anything the UN says or claims about Gaza cannot be trusted,” added the Ambassador.