Benny Gantz
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National Unity Party chairman Minister Benny Gantz spoke today (Wednesday) at the Chedvata haredi hesder yeshiva and addressed the deadly rocket attack on Tzfat (Safed) this morning.

"The IDF, through the Northern Command and all formations, has been working for four months to protect the north and push Hezbollah from the borderline," he said.

He also added that "we are in combat in the north all the time, and this morning we experienced a difficult event for which the response will come soon and strongly."

"It is important that we be clear - the party responsible for the shooting from Lebanon is not only Hezbollah or the terrorist elements that carry it out, but also the government of Lebanon and the state of Lebanon which allows the shooting from its territory and there is no target or military infrastructure in the area of the north and Lebanon that is not in our sights.

"Also in the future and in whatever arrangement there is, whoever endangers us will be dealt with operationally. We are not ready to return to the reality of October 6, neither in the south nor in the north," Gantz said.

At least 10 missiles were fired in the barrage on Tzfat and northern Israel this morning.

The director general of Magen David Adom stated that a casualty was located in the scans of the building that was hit by the barrage and eight other people were injured. According to the Ziv Medical Center, one victim is in serious condition, one is in moderate condition, and 6 are in light condition, all suffering from bruises on their limbs.

It is believed that one of the targets of the attack was the IDF Northern Command. Saudi news television channel Al Arabiya reported that missiles were aimed at the Air Force base on Mount Meron and an IDF base in Tzfat.

Yisrael Beytenu chairman MK Avigdor Liberman tweeted, "The red line has become a white flag - the war cabinet surrendered to Hezbollah and lost the north."