After months of rehearsing, little Chani Apfel finally arrived at the day she had been waiting for: Her school play. She proudly donned her costume and sang her solo as loudly as her little lungs could. As her eyes searched the crowd, however, she was overcome with emotion. Her Mommy was not there, Mommy, who helped her practice all her lines and even sewed her dress. This is because Chani’s mother, Shifra, is back in the hospital fighting brain cancer.

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The next day, her father brought her to the hospital to visit. The nurses love Chani, she is a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the oncology ward. She sat at her mother’s side, telling her all about the show. This time it was Shifra’s turn to hold back tears.

What Chani doesn’t know is that doctors have given her mother a terrifying ultimatum: Fly to Germany for specialized treatments not covered by Israeli insurance, or die. Shifra is the center of her seven children’s worlds. They rely on her for everything. If she doesn’t get to Germany, they will lose their Mother. The Apfels can’t even afford the plane fare, let alone the expensive treatments themselves.

Shifra holds Chani tight in her hospital bed and doesn’t want to let go.

Donations are being collected to save Shifra’s life. Only with the help of the public is there hope that she will survive this. Without a miracle of generosity, she will miss not only their school plays but their entire lives. In Shifra’s own powerful words: “I want to live.”

Donate here to save Shifra Apfel’s life.