Arabic affairs analyst Zvi Yehezkeli published a video in Arabic calling on residents of Gaza to surrender to the IDF and turn over the hostages.

“After four months of war, Gaza is gone,” he said. “Only Rafah is left, and the Israelis are planning to invade it as well. Have you heard that the Israeli army rescued two hostages and killed 100 Palestinians in the process? That is the equation.”

"You have lost 100 lives while two hostages were being liberated. Is that what you wanted? Is that what [Hamas leader Yahya] Sinwar wanted? Sinwar has been gone for half a year, turned Gaza on its head, and left it. He is almost certainly hiding in the tunnels. Where is he now? Obviously between Khan Yunis and Rafah,” he noted.

“It's only a question of time until the Israelis either arrest him or assassinate him. What will you do then? What will you do with the hostages?

“Your lives have been destroyed. What will you do with them? Egypt has stated that any Palestinians approaching the border will be shot. Do you want to try and return to the houses in northern Gaza? They aren't there anymore. You want a solution? First of all admit defeat, that Hamas led you to a destructive loss, and then turn over the hostages to the IDF.”