Military vehicle (archive)
Military vehicle (archive)Gili Yaari/FLASH90

The Defense Ministry's acquisition department has announced that it will purchase hundreds of armored security vehicles for civilian security squads, at an estimated cost of 150M shekels.

The vehicles will be distributed to civilian security squads in the Gaza border region, near the northern border, and in Judea and Samaria.

The purchase is intended to improve town resilience and the security squads’ operations, with the goal of serving security forces patrolling the towns and providing rapid response to security incidents.

The vehicles will be purchased from two manufacturers, Plasan Reem and Fight Tech, and will be provided to the security squads over the coming months through an accelerated bureaucratic process.

The deputy director of procurements and manufacturing for land forces, Avi Mashiach, commented: “Ordering the security vehicles is another step in a large series of procurements we are undertaking for civilian security squads, including both weapons and armor.”

“The vehicles are being procured through an accelerated process that emphasizes Israeli manufacturing, with the goal of ensuring independent manufacturing capacity in critical industries and strengthening the Israeli economy.”

The head of the protection department, Yaniv Walfer, commented: “Buying security vehicles for the civilian security squads is an important part of reinforcing security for residents in conflict zones. This purchase was a significant challenge due to its scale and importance, and is welcome tidings for the field of defending towns.”