IDF strike in Lebanon
IDF strike in LebanonIDF spokesperson

France has proposed a cessation of the hostilities across the Lebanon-Israel border, Reuters reported.

The proposal, delivered to Beirut, calls for Hezbollah to withdraw to a distance of ten kilometers (six miles) from the Israel-Lebanon border. In their place, Lebanon would send military units to the south of the country.

The plan, which includes three stages, would be implemented over the course of ten days. It includes a cessation of fighting both from Israel and Lebanon, as well as an end to Israeli aerial activity in Lebanese airspace.

The countries would also renew talks on the border, aided by UNIFIL.

Hezbollah has rejected the plans, saying that it will not discuss any ceasefire until Israel ends its war against Hamas in Gaza.

Senior Hezbollah politician Hassan Fadlallah told Reuters that the terror group would not discuss "any matter related to the situation in the south before the halt of the aggression on Gaza."

He added, "The enemy is not in the position to impose conditions."