Rafah in Gaza, near the Egyptian border
Rafah in Gaza, near the Egyptian borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Al Arabiya on Monday morning reported that Egypt has completely rejected the discussion on changing the status quo on the Philadelphi corridor which runs along the border between Gaza and Egypt.

The report, based on Al Arabiya sources, said that Cairo has sent messages that it will discuss reducing its ties with Israel if there is a widescale operation in Rafah.

Earlier this month, Galei Zahal reported that sources familiar with the details of negotiations between Israel and Egypt on the Philadelphi Route said that the sides are nearing an agreement.

On Sunday, the Associated Press reported that Egypt is threatening to suspend its peace agreements with Israel if the IDF launches a ground offensive in Rafah.

Early on Monday morning, the IDF succeeded in rescuing two elderly hostages, Fernando Marman and Louis Har, from Hamas terrorists in Rafah. The operation was carried out in cooperation with the ISA and Israel Police.