258 women have received licenses to carry firearms in the past four months, in contrast to only 12 in the same four months last year, Galei Tzahal's Hod Barel reported.

Meital Hubra from Tapuah explained why she applied to carry a firearm: "What happened on October 7th caused me as a civilian to be more fearful, to worry about my children. My husband was enlisted and therefore I was left alone with the children and that caused me to be more afraid, more worried."

She explained that "the weapon gives me a sense of responsibility, I always carry the weapon with me, it's on me 24 hours a day. I take it to events, I go to work with it, it comes with me on all trips in the evening, when I drive the kids to classes, it's on me."

According to the report, another few hundred requests are waiting for approval by the Firearms Licensing Department of the National Security Ministry.