King Abdullah II
King Abdullah IIReuters

Jordan's King Abdullah participated in an airdrop of humanitarian aid to Gaza, officials said on Sunday, according to the Reuters news agency.

A video released by state-owned Al Mamlaka showed the monarch in military gear on board a plane in the latest mission by the Jordanian air force to drop urgent medical supplies to field hospitals it runs in the enclave. According to official media, the latest airdrop was on Tuesday.

The Kingdom has conducted 11 such airdrops, with at least two conducted with the French and Dutch air forces, to deliver medical aid. The first such airdrop occurred in November and was carried out in coordination with Israel and with its approval.

Princess Salma, Abdullah's second daughter and an air force pilot, participated in an airdrop in December.

The king took part in the airdrop two days before he left on Thursday on a tour of major Western capitals and is due to meet US President Joe Biden in Washington on Monday to lobby for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.