Netanyahu after the briefing
Netanyahu after the briefingNone

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ministers of his cabinet on Sunday visited the IDF's Yahalom Unit. The Prime Minister and ministers were briefed by IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi and other commanders.

First, the Chief of Staff briefed the visitors on the fighting in the Gaza Strip and discussed the military accomplishments so far and the plans for future fighting.

In addition, the commander of the 162nd Division, Brig. Gen. Itzik Cohen, and the commander of the Palmachim Air Base, Brig. Gen. Omri Dor briefed them on the IDF's joint ground and air maneuver in the Gaza Strip.

At the end of the briefing Netanyahu stated: "First of all, I wish to thank the Chief of Staff and the commanders, both for the presentation and mainly for their performances which are impressive on an international level. The IDF's achievements are very impressive."

He declared: "We are on the way to victory. It will take more time, that was said correctly, but it won't take years, in contrast to what they say. It is in arm's reach. It is a difficult battle, but a battle which we are winning."

He added: "We actually want to bring to the demilitarization of the Strip. This requires our security control and responsibility over the entire area west of the Jordan, including the Gaza Strip. There is no alternative to this in the foreseeable future. We are saying this to the international community as well, to the President of the US, and to all leaders. There is no alternative.

That means it will always be under our security control, and if that means that we will have to be inside, then we'll be inside, and if that requires us to go into every place, as the IDF is capable of doing, at any time, it is said here and will be applied in the future. It demands maximum internal unity, I hope we will succeed in keeping it," Netanyahu stated.

"The objective is no less than this victory that we're talking about. It is in arm's reach. It demands us to stand strong against the growing pressure, I have to tell you the truth: they are growing, and each one of you who is in contact with foreign officials knows that."

He concluded, "But the most important thing is sticking to the objective - and that objective is victory. Not a half-victory, not a three-quarters-victory - victory over Hamas. I believe, with G-d's help, that with joined forces we will obtain it. In light of what you saw here today, I think that you too can be filled with trust and pride in our soldiers, our commanders, and our achievements."

Earlier, the cabinet ministers visited the Emanuel Camp where they were presented with operational presentations from the fighting in Gaza. Among others, they were briefed on the special units of the engineering forces, Yahalom, the combat in the underground tunnels, the operations of the 9900 Satellite Intelligence Unit, and the intelligence findings that were found in the Gaza Strip and help the security forces produce additional intelligence that aids the progress of the fighting in Gaza.

Netanyahu ordered the planning of an additional briefing from the Chief of Staff which would concentrate on the northern front.