Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi
Iranian President Ebrahim RaisiREUTERS

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that the Iranian people have prevailed over all the plots of the enemy and exited the conflict for good.

In a speech delivered to mark 45 years since the Islamic revolution, he stated that the revolution was an act of jihad by mujahideen, martyrs, and the Iranian people.

He stated that the Iranian people have marched on from the revolution for 45 years, and had been saved from military attacks against it for 45 years with the upper hand militarily and leaving its opponents disappointed and demoralized.

He declared Iran the most independent nation in the world, being neither part of the East nor West, and did not accept instructions from any power. He added that the time when foreign powers could make decisions for Iran was over and that the Islamic revolution promised true freedom.

He emphasized that Iran would not allow foreign governance of even a foot of Iran and that its military capabilities deter attacks against it. He proved this by stating that no one is discussing a military option against Iran anymore.

He noted that the war in Gaza has shown the true face of the USA and Israel, and stated that the international community must internalize that the Zionist entity would depart the world and that Palestine was the first order of business for the Islamic world. He likewise insisted that Jerusalem needed to be liberated.

Raisi concluded by saying that Palestine had become the most important matter for humanity and that humanity needed to disconnect from the Zionist entity. He added that one of the first steps that was most important to take was removing the Zionist entity from the UN.