Rabbi Shimon Ben-Tzion
Rabbi Shimon Ben-TzionCourtesy

Rabbi Shimon Ben-Tzion of the Machon Meir Yeshiva, called for banks to freeze accounts belonging to US President Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden has imposed sanctions against our dear brethren, who devote their lives to the land and nation, and decided to freeze their bank accounts,” he wrote.

“Like sheep in a flock, Bank Leumi and Bank Hadoar, which are supposed to be public and governmental bodies, rushed to fulfill the orders from America. The symptoms that brought us to the Hague a few days ago have recurred, with ‘no end of disrespect and discord’,” he declared, paraphrasing Esther 1:18.

“Joe Biden has unjustly, without moral authority, acted with impudence and haughtiness. Israeli banks have done ever so much more so, and in an act of wickedness and hatred for their brethren trampled the rights of the individual, human rights, and property rights, all to appease America,” the Rabbi accused.

He gives examples: “Unfortunately, this is a pattern that we see extensively in our region - the disregard for the individual, especially if the individual is Jewish, for the whims and lunacy of cruel and powerful individuals both foreign and domestic. Examples include the expulsion of thousands of Jews from Gush Katif for the whim of Ariel Sharon, which brought tragedy not only to the wonderful residents of the region but to the entire nation on October 7th. I have written to Bank Leumi and demanded that they withdraw my savings so I can move them to a place that loves the nation of Israel.”

“I also demand that they freeze accounts. Do I and others have fewer rights under the law or ethics for such a step? I hereby request that Joe Biden's accounts be frozen, both private and commercial, wherever they may be in the world.”

“With God's help, we will be victorious, but only if we truly act united and are responsible for one another, collectively and individually. We will never give in to pressure from the Gentiles to harm our brethren of Israel, in the same way, that we will never endanger Israeli soldiers for the lives of the nation fighting us,” he concluded.