IDF Chief of Staff Halevi (L) and National Security Minister Ben-Gvir
IDF Chief of Staff Halevi (L) and National Security Minister Ben-GvirNo Credit

During a cabinet meeting on Sunday, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi updated the ministers on a change in the rules of engagement.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir told Halevi: "You know how our enemies work, they constantly gnaw at our defenses. You know them. They will try us. they'll send women, they'll send children, who in the end will turn out to be terrorists."

Halevi replied: "This is the third time we're having this conversation."

He noted to the Minister: "I take what you're saying seriously, after our previous conversation, I dedicated an entire visit to the issue. The troops are aware of the complexities, if we don't adjust the rules, we will see severe friendly fire incidents."

Ben-Gvir claimed that a mistake was being made: "We will have this conversation for the fourth and fifth times as well. It is clear that we need to pay attention to incidents of friendly fire, but on the other hand, we need clear rules! There's no situation where children and women should be coming close to the border. Anyone who comes close to the fence to gnaw away at our defenses needs to get a bullet. Otherwise, we will again have an October 7th."