Defense Minister Gallant meets soldiers
Defense Minister Gallant meets soldiersAriel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant spoke today (Sunday) at a display made by the Military Intelligence Directorate’s intelligence collection and technical spoils unit of items seized from the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

“This morning we are hosting the Cabinet meeting at an IDF base in order to show the Ministers our achievements, and present them with findings from Gaza," Gallant said.

"You can see some of them here - missiles, explosives, mines. On the other side [of the room] we have numerous maps, communication technology, documents, computers, drives. These show us the intelligence that The IDF is using, and not only - these demonstrate that we have penetrated into Hamas’ most sensitive locations. We are using their intelligence against them. We are using their weapons against them.

According to Gallant, "The more we deepen our operations, the closer we get to a realistic deal in order to return the hostages.”