Hospital, illustration
Hospital, illustrationiStock

IDF soldier, Sergeant Yuval Peretz, died over the weekend from medical complications.

“Peretz’s family was updated on the full details of his condition,” the IDF announced, “and we share in the family’s pain. We are here to help them as needed.”

It was reported last night that doctors at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center confirmed the death of a soldier who was rushed to the hospital’s emergency room, suffering from symptoms of meningitis.

The hospital informed that the emergency team began with a quick and thorough examination and even before receiving the results – initiated immediate and intensive treatment suitable for bacterial meningitis. Following rapid deterioration and damage to all his body systems and despite the great efforts to stabilize his condition, the young man's body collapsed and the team had to confirm his death.

The hospital reported that this is a relatively rare disease, an aggressive bacteria that spreads quickly and severely attacks the body's systems. "Hadassa shares in the family’s pain."