Singer Idan Raichel
Singer Idan RaichelAvshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

Singer Idan Raichel is not bothered by MK Ahmad Tibi’s response, when he attacked him after he said that the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza who are not standing up against Hamas are just as guilty as the terrorists themselves.

"If Idan Raichel doesn't attack the gang of land-grabbing 'settlers' and evict them," Tibi wrote, "and if he doesn't break into prisons to release thousands of prisoners who are there without a trial, and if he doesn't stop budgets for the settlements, and if he doesn't invade Netanyahu's house in Caesarea and force him to initiate a deal for the return of the hostages – then he is daydreaming, a hypocrite and a singer who encourages war crimes.”

During an interview with the Yedioth Ahronoth daily, Idan Raichel said "I think my personal political opinion is not a matter for other people, but regarding the issue of the war, there is no other option but to move further to the right. Even if you are a leftist, during a war like this, and after what happened, how could you not? This whole war is one big war crime from the beginning to the end; an end that we cannot see. From going into children's beds, to this place that was full of innocence, in order to rape, torture, kidnap.”

"When I think about the children who were massacred or women who were raped and some of them who were even kept in the homes of Gazan civilians, I am more concerned about the suffering of my people right now and less if Ahmad Tibi is uncomfortable or not, or if some jerk will wonder which political side I am on. There is a limit."

“In general, when Ahmad Tibi disagrees with you during a war, your heart is probably in the right place. I do think that most Gazans are involved, just like many of the Germans who saw Jews disappearing from the streets and did nothing about it, were also involved. During the Holocaust of the Jewish people, you could still find several hundred Righteous Gentiles. Where was even one Righteous Gentile during the Holocaust of October 7th in Gaza? The stories of Mia Schem and Eitan Yahalomi, who returned from captivity and personally told us that there are no non-involved people in Gaza, are closer to my heart than Ahmad Tibi's approval.”